Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital Participates in 9Pet Check

9Pet Check April 14-15

Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital is participating in 9PetCheck for the third year.  They will provide free wellness exams and rabies vaccinations on April 14 and 15 as part of the 9PetCheck.

This program is a partnership between 9NEWS, the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, and more than 70 veterinary clinics.  This wonderful program provides help to pet owners, who are struggling financially by giving free wellness examinations and rabies shots for cats and dogs.

9NEWS held a Pet Check Line 9 on Monday afternoon and received a huge response.  All metro area appointments are booked.   About 1,000 appointments were booked during the afternoon call-in session. That means, 1000 cats and dogs, who otherwise would not be able to visit a vet and get a free rabies shot, will be able to do so this weekend.

Colorado veterinarians know the importance of annual examinations for keeping pets healthy and preventing future health problems and are willing to help those who are truly in need by donating their time to this event.   Waneka Marketplace applauds Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital for participating in this important program.  Appointments are required at all 9Pet Check visits, and Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital’s 9Pet Check appointments are filled.  These free exams are for people living on a restricted or low income or those who are unemployed.

Call Lafayette Companion Animal Hospital to find out about their Free Initial Exam Offer for new patients.  720 214-0270